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Getting your tango group listed on here is simple. Send an email to to let us know ho you are and where you are and we'll add you. There's no fee and nothing to sign. Just make sure your email includes the following information:

  • The name of your group or organisation.
  • Where you are - be specific.
  • Your website address, Instagram page, Facebook page, or equivalent link.
  • A logo (square or round if possible - rectangular ones will be cropped).

Your group must meet the spirit of the Tango Underground, comprising at least the following:

  • Classes and events must include a significant percentage of modern non-tango music. An event or class does not qualify as Tango Underground if you only play a few tracks of modern music at the end of the evening!
  • Cabeceo / Mirada must not be mandatory at your milongas. We do not require that it is banned, but dancers must not be punished or villified for asking people for a dance.
  • Single sex or non-traditional role couples must be allowed.

Please let us know if you run traditional events as well as modern / alternative ones, and the approximate percentage split between the two.

Not all tango has to be traditional. Tango codigos which may have made sense in 1930s Buenos Aires are less relevant now and can detract from the dance experience rather than support it.

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