Argentine Tango without the traditions

Classes and social dances featuring modern music from many different and unexpected genres — fun and inclusive dancing in a friendly atmosphere.

Tango Classes and Events

Argentine tango classes and social dancing events in the south-east of the UK (and occasionally beyond), with a modern teaching style, a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, and music that you already know.

Learning how to dance can be confusing enough as not only do you have to train your body and mind to be able to do the dance itself, but you also have to start absorbing the terminology that goes along with it. But some tango classes take that one step further and imply that you need to understand some of that terminology before you even start! They advertise themselves as "nuevo", "milongero style", "Villa Urquiza", "modern", "traditional", "authentic" or something more obscure with no indication what that might mean. Worse, you often find that two classes who are very different in their approach both insist that they are the truly "authentic" way and that the others have got it wrong. It is all very confusing, and no doubt has put off many new dancers from learning the tango.

At the Tango Underground we let the dance speak for itself. It is a unique style with a character all of its own and it does not need the trappings of additional labels, rules, and expectations to make it special.

Come and join us at one of our classes or events and see for yourself.

Our Events

Weekly classes taught by Graham and Nathalie in Sevenoaks and South-East London. For further information please visit where you will find our class diary, information about our venues, reminder videos, and much more.

Regular neotango social dances in Sevenoaks and South-East London, with the best of electro nuevo, blues, neotango, and alternative tango music from DJ Graham G. For further information please visit where you will find our event diary, information about our venues, and more.

The next Tango Underground event is...

XTango at Home

Sat 8th May at Jivebeat Radio, Virtual Neolonga

Organised by XTango

Our weekly introduction to the world of XTango brought right to you wherever you are. Tune in to Jivebeat Radio from 22:00 - Midnight for the best of electro nuevo, neotango, and alternative tango music from Graham G.

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