Photographs from our events

X-Tango Neolonga - Otford

13th September 2019

After our summer break we have returned to the newly refurbished (and almost complete) village hall in Otford for our first Tango Underground event of the autumn.



X-Tango Neolonga - Otford

10th May 2019

This was our opening event in Otford, and it was fantastic to see dancers from tango, blues, modern jive, and ballroom all dancing together to the same music. This is the true spirit of the Tango Underground, with no traditions or regulations, just an evening of dancing fun for everyone.

Many thanks to all of you for coming and for making this such a great evening. See you next time!



X-Tango Neolonga - Last one at Sevenoaks

12th April 2019

They are refurbishing the hall at Sevenoaks, so only a month after our X-Tango anniversary we are going to have to move to a new venue. This was therefore our final neolonga in this hall, a place that has seen us change from being a modern jive club, where I taught my first ever tango class, and where we launched our first ever X-Tango event.

Thanks to everyone who has made this venue so special to us, and here's to great things happening in our new home in Otford.



X-Tango Neolonga - Anniversary Edition

22nd March 2019

One year after our first ever neolonga, X-Tango is still going strong and growing. This is our usual Sevenoaks venue, and our penultimate X-Tango there before we move to Otford in May.



X-Tango Neolonga

22nd February 2019

X-Tango in Sevenoaks, where a number of blues and expressive dancers joined us from B.E.R.S.E.R.K. in east kent.



X-Tango Neolonga

21st January 2019

X-Tango in Sevenoaks



X-Tango On Tour

19th January 2019

When X-Tango went on tour to Tunbridge Wells, and Graham was guest DJ for the night at the Masonic Centre.



Sevenoaks "Nuit Blanche" X-Tango Milonga

22nd June 2018

Since this lined up with the Summer solstice, we thought we would give it a bit of a summery twist. I took the wrong camera with me though so the photos are less good than usual, but you get the idea!



Sevenoaks April X-Tango Milonga

27th April 2018

Another great fun evening in Sevenoaks.



X1 - The X-Tango launch night at Jivebeat Sevenoaks

23rd March 2018

We had a great night, with dancers coming from all over the south east. See if you can recognise anyone...



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